All our restored Van Berkel flywheel slicers are original pieces, complete in all their parts, restored in Northern Italy through an exclusive artisan process, and assembled by hand.

Available in different models, sizes and colors, our original restored Van Berkel flywheel slicers are appropriate for use in exclusive contexts, such as the catering and hotel industry, and are also perfect for the most demanding private individuals and gastronomy enthusiasts, who are looking for quality and originality in their homes.

Our company’s inception dates back to the late 1970s. We started with the production of a wide range of blades for meat slicers of all types.
Over the next following years, we had requests regarding the production of blades for the historic Van Berkel flywheel slicers. We studied in depth the functionality of these slicers to understand their mechanism, and consequently we designed and manufactured the best blades, suitable for each Van Berkel flywheel slicers model, which could restore these machines to their original high-performance levels.
From this blade manufacturing activity, the passion arose for Van Berkel flywheel slicers, as historical objects and for what they represent today. Indeed, today they stand for both tradition and high-quality food culture.

Supported by the results that came from the market, and from customers who expressed their full satisfaction with our work, we realized that we had, in-house, both the skills and the facilities to expand our activity of restoring Van Berkel flywheel slicers.
From then on, while developing the knowledge related to these slicers’ mechanisms, we acquired a wide variety of authentic models of Van Berkel flywheel slicers. In the 1980’s we were able to find these slicers in the market, still perfectly functioning and complete in all their original parts. In fact, the transition from manual to electric slicers took place precisely at that time, meaning that butchers, restaurants and other businesses, decided to discontinue the use of these manual machines that had been fully operational up to that moment.
Today, given that we offer Berkel slicers from our own stock of authentic pieces, restored with our proprietary process which is implemented exclusively within our facilities by our team of experts, we can certificate the full originality and functionality of our Van Berkel flywheel slicers.

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