Flywheel slicer Berkel Model L


Berkel L


Black / Red


1907 – 1916

Technical data:

Blade: 350

Width: 660

Depth: 835

Height: 630


Over 115 year of history are contained in the Berkel Model L Flywheel Slicer, which was original designed for professional use. It was manufactured between 1907 and 1916, and just like other Van Berkel emblematic models, it has a flower flywheel, the same one that made this brand famous and recognizable all over the world. This was the first model that, after its functionality had been tested and positively evaluated, started to be produced in larger numbers. From the first moment of its production, it was used in major professional contexts, since its technical features were extremely relevant for performance and accuracy.

In fact, in addition to its outstanding design, Model L is considered a reliable professional meat slicer. Its remarkable features, like the possibility of setting the clamp towards the blade in the desired position, are really appreciated by experts. In order to approach the clamp to the blade, a lever connected to the cog wheel of Model L should be operated several times, while to divert it, it is necessary to move the comb of the worm screw with a knob and scroll it in the desired position.

It is interesting to notice that the clamp of such flywheel slicer is composed of two pinion opposed rods united by a toothed arm that acts on the item being sliced. The machine’s shoulder is closed and round-shaped. On this professional slicer, the Berkel tag plate can be found on the low flat side of the machine shoulder.

The flywheel is the core of this machine. In fact, when in motion, it will operate the gears assembly that in turn move the blade and the two hidden connecting-rods under the base of the machine.

This is how the movement of the scroll carriage is generated. The carriage is driven by a recordable louver situated on the upper side of the base. In addition, by means of 4 wheels, the scroll carriage of Model L scrolls into 2 binaries covered with Bakelite. On the carriage, a graduated rod linked with a lever to the cog wheel sets the thickness of the slice. When the carriage moves, this lever (provided with a little wheel) gets operated by a slide-shaped rod fixed on the base of the professional slicer. This makes the cog wheel rotate, linked to the worm screw in which the machine clamp comb is inserted, leading to the product slicing.

Today Model L is considered the most representative Van Berkel slicer, since it embodies the spirit of the brand by perfectly combining engineering and design. Original Slicers offer Model L meat slicer in the classic Van Berkel red color, and upon request it can also be customized in any requested color.

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