Flywheel slicer Berkel model 21


Berkel 21


Black / Red


1928 – 1948 about

Technical data:

Blade: 370

Width: 715

Depth: 870

Height: 660


Van Berkel Models 8 and 21 where originally conceived as professional slicing machines and still today they are used in the most prestigious Italian restaurants, delicatessen boutiques and by cold cuts experts. Their production period was from 1928 to 1948, and it was meant to replace model 20 as well as models 5 and 7, by keeping these predecessors best characteristics and adding some brand-new features. Compared to the previous models, the main difference is that there was a shift from the worm screw with ribbed clamp comb to the conical screw, that causes the machine comb to double the contact surface. From assembly onto the fixing clamp, the screw was now mounted on a telescope scrolling headframe. Together with the conical coupling these new characteristics balance the comb wear and lead to the slicer’s best efficiency and longer life span.

Van Berkel Model 8 and 21 have a clamp inserted and blocked inside a pin poking out on the headframe, whereas this part was well as the worm screw are covered with a shaped carter.

These slicing machines have always been considered as professional slicers in which, again, the flywheel’s role is key to activating the gears that generate both the blade and the scroll carriage movement, the former through a chain and the latter through two connecting rods.

These models show gears assembly scrolling inside a squared painted bar. Two scrolling guides lay on four little columns, two for each side, at the base, where a graduated knob for slicing thickness regulation can be found. The wheel conveys the movement from the lever rotation to the worm screw where the telescope comb headframe is located, in order to generate the slicing movement.

Both machines’ sharpener is covered by a painted crown. The extension of these models’ tray is possible and allows for extra working space. Models 8 and 21 are available in the recognizable Van Berkel red color. Following specific requests, it is possible to restore these models in a wide range of color options.

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